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This took me a lot longer then it should have to figure out and I thought I’d throw it up here in case anyone else wanted to do it.
The issue was that I had a list of YouTube video IDs and I wanted to see what category they were all in. I didn’t want [...]

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It’ll be a bunch if sarcastic funny tweets about the world of technology.

The Pickles solution is - discovering the solution to a problem through the act of explaining the problem to somebody else.
This is very common in programming where a developer spends a lot of time on his own trying to fix a problem he’s having with no avail. He calls over another developer and starts [...]

Here are instructions on how to incorporate different TokenFilters in your Lucene application.

Oh download icon on the dock….why are you so close to the Trash?
If you removed it here’s how to get it back just like new:
1) Open the finder, drag the download folder back to the dock where it used to be.
2) Ctrl-Click (right click) on the folder on the dock. Under “View [...]

You want to setup ssh connections so you just search in spotlight for the name, hit enter and you’re logged in? Like the built-in terminal program that comes in OS X and don’t want to find/install some other ssh management tool? Well I did too and this this is how it’s done.
1) edit [...]

You can use your Google Doc Spreadsheets just like a database with this jdbc driver I built. I just wrote it so it’s bound to have some problems as this point but check it out here:

If you are using XStream to turn your Java objects to XML you may need to make some of those field values within a CDATA tag.  Here’s how you do it.
When creating a new instance of the XStream object instead of this:
XStream xstream = new XStream();
Do this:

XStream xstream = new XStream(

new XppDriver() {
[...] tries to trick you into thinking they have secured a domain name you want.

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